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What did I know?

While I sat on my doorstep in 1997  my six-year-old son captured me on Polariod film.  As I look back at her face — my face –I wonder what was I thinking?  What did I… Continue Reading →

Balanced Hormones

I asked my doctor,  Dr. Shiva Lalezar,  to share with you in this post about women’s health issues.  In her practice where she specializes in Functional Medicine and Anti-Aging, she has helped many deal with the imbalance that… Continue Reading →

Tickle Me Pink!

Tickle me and I might pee my pants!  I am probably not the only one of us!  If you have had a baby or two or have any hormonal imbalance, you could have weakened the… Continue Reading →

Spice Up Your Life!

Sounds a little cra cra but eating chili peppers can sooth intestinal upset!  There are many other health benefits of capsaicin –the active component of chili peppers –  which  includes reducing pain, fighting cancer, and another… Continue Reading →

This above all; to thine own self be true…Shakespeare

Girlie Garb

After seeing all the pretty dresses in the store windows and on the cover of magazines I started to rethink my jeans fetish!  Even in the summertime in LA, the weather is so mild that… Continue Reading →

VIT D can make you smile more!

I read that over 75% of Americans are Vitamin-D deficient!  You can ask your doctor for a blood test to check your levels.  I take a vitamin D supplement (5,000 IU) daily.  Studies have shown… Continue Reading →


POWER SALAD by Dawn!  She says: “Favorite salad BY FAR is the chopped spinach portobello power salad. There are so many types of dressings that work so well with this salad, I will leave it… Continue Reading →

Sexy Arms

You might like this simple workout I found online at Fitness Magazine for sexy arms and shoulders! Simple exercises you can do at home or at the gym to define and sculpt!  Summer is coming… Continue Reading →

Yummy Healthy Recipe

Recently I was searching online for gluten free recipes and I found Sarah Schatz and Heart Of Cooking!  She has been challenged personally with a food allergies and digestive issues.  Sarah is an artist in… Continue Reading →

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