The Coffee Connection

The scent of coffee brewing brings back wonderful memories of my dad sitting at the kitchen table with his cup of Maxwell House and rye buttered toast with sliced tomatoes!  Been reading more about the coffee bean — there are… Continue Reading →

Plan your meals!

Last year while researching recipes I found a site and shared it in my blog Yummy Healthy Recipes.  Sarah Schatz, early on in her childhood had many issues with rashes, digestion, allergies, and other medical problems that she found out could… Continue Reading →

I love EGGS!

One of my instructors at my local gym always follows his boot camp style kick-ass class with instructions to EAT CHICKEN AND SALAD!  In essence, he is saying eat protein and carbs after your workout!  I have found that having a… Continue Reading →

Spice Up Your Life!

Sounds a little cra cra but eating chili peppers can sooth intestinal upset!  There are many other health benefits of capsaicin –the active component of chili peppers –  which  includes reducing pain, fighting cancer, and another plus — it promotes weight… Continue Reading →

VIT D can make you smile more!

I read that over 75% of Americans are Vitamin-D deficient!  You can ask your doctor for a blood test to check your levels.  I take a vitamin D supplement (5,000 IU) daily.  Studies have shown that besides lifting your mood… Continue Reading →


POWER SALAD by Dawn!  She says: “Favorite salad BY FAR is the chopped spinach portobello power salad. There are so many types of dressings that work so well with this salad, I will leave it up to you to decide… Continue Reading →

Yummy Healthy Recipe

Recently I was searching online for gluten free recipes and I found Sarah Schatz and Heart Of Cooking!  She has been challenged personally with a food allergies and digestive issues.  Sarah is an artist in the kitchen, an artist on… Continue Reading →

Home Remedy

  Just a followup to detoxing!  Here is a concoction you can mix up at home to flush out the toxins and cleanse the liver!  I drink it upon rising, before lunch and dinner for 10 days. Consult your doctor… Continue Reading →

Cleanse! Detox!

Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body or neutralizing them.  Our diet is one of the main culprits of yucky toxins!  Cleansing is a good way clear toxins and begin on a path to better nutrition!  Check out… Continue Reading →

Don’t Diet…Live it!

There are so many fad weight loss plans and gimmicks!   You should ask the question of any diet …can you live it? Can You Follow This Diet For the Rest of Your Life?  

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