Words Are Powerful!!!

On a day when you feel off and the world seems to be against you…words can inspire! Shake it off, adjust, and move on! Check out Word Art To Inspire

Toxic Overload

You’d probably be pleasantly surprised if your allergies didn’t flair today or your skin didn’t feel so itchy! Chemicals and dyes that are added to our world through the products we use can cause some of those bothersome things we… Continue Reading →

Those pesky Mosquitos!

Don’t know about you but I get eaten alive by Mosquitos!  I am sure they have their job in nature but those itchy bites can really spoil a vacation!  Here are few handy tips! I have also found that getting… Continue Reading →

The Coffee Connection

The scent of coffee brewing brings back wonderful memories of my dad sitting at the kitchen table with his cup of Maxwell House and rye buttered toast with sliced tomatoes!  Been reading more about the coffee bean — there are… Continue Reading →

Plan your meals!

Last year while researching recipes I found a site and shared it in my blog Yummy Healthy Recipes.  Sarah Schatz, early on in her childhood had many issues with rashes, digestion, allergies, and other medical problems that she found out could… Continue Reading →

Pamper Yourself!

Pedicures are a great way of pampering yourself!  I always take my own kit with me to the salon to be sure the tools are sterile.   Check out these great treats for the feet that I found really work… Continue Reading →

I love EGGS!

One of my instructors at my local gym always follows his boot camp style kick-ass class with instructions to EAT CHICKEN AND SALAD!  In essence, he is saying eat protein and carbs after your workout!  I have found that having a… Continue Reading →

Bottoms Up!

I love the challenge of group classes!  Luke Sniewski kicks my ass at Equinox!  So lucky are we…not only is he a professional trainer but a lifestyle transformation coach! His personal motto speaks to me.  I asked him to share some… Continue Reading →

Be A Warrior

I found this wonderful book by Paul Coehlo that is a kind of a manual for a daily meditation which leads the thoughts to ponder about who we are in this wonderful life.  On the cover of the book  it… Continue Reading →

Kiss me now!

Love this dreamy lip gloss  with collagen producing ingredients that help reduce fine lines and plumps!   Pretty soft colors and great shine!  The new designs are super sexy and perfect for a special rendezvous! *** I dwell on the lovely ever after… Continue Reading →

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